London Medical Room


I have a fully equipped Medical Room - Latex sheets, examination table, hospital bed, good clinical toys, stirrups, surgical instruments, enema apparatus, bedpans, Probes, plugs, lubricants, hospital restraints. If you are a submissive man/woman and you crave the bizarre medical ministrations/treatments of a clinical Rubber Nurse in a pristine white uniform! Or sensual latex.



Submissive Patient

I've found over the years that there is nothing more humbling, intrusive or intimate than a thorough medical examination. As an experienced Rubber Nurse, who specialises in Medical Fetishism, I know how to use this knowledge to help you achieve your fantasy. You will be poked, prodded and probed. You are ordered to carry out personal tasks, for example - give a urine sample while your Domina Nurse looks on. However, you may really desire a thorough rectal exam or Prostrate massage. I am pulling my Rubber glove on now.

London fetish medical examinations


I am a naughty angel of mercy - a London dominatrix in a Nurse's uniform. The Clinic close to Warwick Avenue station in West London (W9). Open Monday - Saturday 9am - 7pm. Confidentiality assured. Please call for an appointment.

Seamed, Fully Fashioned, RHT, Fishnet, Hold-Up Stockings.

Corsets, Bustiers, Lingerie Sets, Suspender Belts, Girdles, Body Shapers.